Fionna Wearable Art

Fionna's bird Ozzy contemplating stealing a necklace.I approached Fionna about carrying her line of unique animal and sea glass jewelry "Fionna Wearable Art" because I had never seen anything quite like it. Her jewelry is artsy, expressive and just plain fun. They show a love of the environment and are sustainably designed. She includes sea glass that she finds herself in Spain, France and England, so her collection lends itself nicely to our theme here at Soul Shells.

Fionna comes from a long line of artists and is inspired by things found in nature. She is an accomplished photographer using a macro-lens to photograph insects and flowers. She then turns the photos into works of art by stylizing them to look like paintings.

Fionna Bottema and her artwork

Her jewelry ranges from Inuit-style carvings, with earthy embellishments, to bright and colorful flowers and plants. The focal beads are ones that she makes herself. She is a master at hand-tooling faux amber and ivory beads and animals. They fooled me when I first saw them! The necklaces and bracelets are then filled in using vintage glass or wooden beads. Some of the beads are antique African Trading beads that give a warmth to the piece. The necklace in the picture above was made with a faux hand-tooled amber ring, sea glass from northern England, and faux ivory/polymer clay beads and a little bird.

Polymer clay owl and mouse

Polymer clay animals are an integral part of Fionna's designs. They give the various pieces personality, with no two being alike. Meticulously hand-crafted, she models her animals after endangered species like polar bears, to birds of prey, and animals found in her native Netherlands. 

Fionna has been raising birds of prey for years and worked at a bird sanctuary rehabilitating injured birds from the wild. Her pieces are designed to bring people closer to nature while giving the wearer the ability to express themselves by choosing the piece that "speaks to them". Is your totem animal a bear, or maybe an eagle? browse our collection of Fionna Wearable Art and purchase a one-of-kind piece made just for you. 

You may see her jewelry displayed on her studio mascot "Monique", who models all of the pieces to show scale. Monique will often be dressed in festive seasonal outfits and is part of the team. Monique may even start her own blog. ;)

I hope you find as much enjoyment in wearing Fionna's arwork as I have. It simply brings a warmth of energy to my day.