Making the most of what mother nature gives you

Sometimes we don't always get the sea glass catch that we want at our local beach. But each new piece I find, give me new ideas of what to create. The other day, I found some bottle tops. Together with all the bottle tops I found in Europe last summer, I plan to make a sea glass wind chime with them. They may not be right for jewelry, but there are plenty of craft ideas that I can find on the web to make new creations. Who knows, you may end up seeing them on the website for purchase soon!

There are also some tiny sea glass pieces that we find, which have beautiful colors but aren't large enough to make jewelry out of. So I got some clear glass lockets and will put all the different colors in there to make a beautiful necklace. 

Stray pieces of sea glass are also great for making Christmas ornaments. It may be too late for this season, but start looking around for large or misshapen pieces that you can turn into beautiful wreath or Christmas Tree ornaments. 

Look around at any beach you visit and you'd be surprised at some of the treasures you can find! Happy Sea Glass Hunting!