Planning Travel for Sea Glass Collecting

Many people ask me if I have ever planned a trip, only to find that there is no sea glass to be found at our destination. I don't look at travel that way. I never plan a trip for the sole purpose of collecting sea glass. We plan our family trips to places we want to visit, which is almost always near a sea or ocean, and then I just spend a good bit of my time searching for sea glass. 

We got really lucky this summer at the places we visited. Most of them were wall-to-wall sea glass! The beaches on the French Riviera were just covered in it. They were smaller pieces, but really beautiful colors. We stayed mostly near Saint Tropez.

Then on our week to the island of Mallorca, we also got lucky and stayed in a condo right near a cove that was littered with sea glass. My cousin Fionna stayed an extra two weeks on Mallorca after I went home and told me that the beaches on the northern and eastern coasts of the island, had almost no glass. So apparently we struck gold at our little cove. 

I have often come across people who want to plan trips for the sole purpose of sea glass collecting and I always try to steer them off of that unless they go in with no expectations. There is nothing worse than dropping your hard-earned money on a trip and then being sorely disappointed. If you go into it expecting nothing but a relaxing trip to the sea, then anything you find will be a bonus. 

I suggested to Fionna, who lives in The Netherlands, that she just come visit me here near Cocoa Beach, Florida instead of having us meet up in Europe somewhere to collect sea glass. That was after a particularly good day of finding sea glass at Paradise Beach. But I realized that that is a rare occurrence and that it would be quite possible for her to fly here for two weeks and find absolutely nothing. Some days there's nothing but plain sand for miles. 

So, plan for a fun vacation, not for treasure hunting. You never know what mother nature has planned.