Sea Glass Hunting in Seaham Nov 2019

Well our trip to Seaham, England didn't turn out quite as expected. There was very little glass there this fall. We were there at the end of October . Lots of people, but very little glass. We thought the east wind and storm that rolled in would help, but nothing. The first few days there were some rocks, but a few days later they were almost all gone...and that's where the sea glass hides. 

Seaham Beach for Sea Glass

We would leave around 6:30am before dawn and walk the mile to the main beach. We were usually the first ones there after the night time high tide, so it wasn't a matter of others getting their first, there was just so little there! We did find a few nice pieces, but nothing compared to the previous year (also in the fall). 

Seaham, England and sea glass finds

This year we looked at not only the main beach, but also at Blast Beach. That beach is very difficult to access, and just a few days after we left, a woman fell to the bottom and had to be airlifted out by the Coast Guard. The helicopter landed on the beach! It's a treacherous ravine that you have to walk down and if it has been raining, the footing is very unsure and slippery. 

Path to Blast Beach in Seaham, England Blast Beach Seaham England

The glass there is quite different. Blast Beach is where you will mostly find teal and light green bubbles and bottle stoppers. We ran into some locals who explained that the glass there was mostly from the miners throwing their bottles into the sea. The rocks there are all kind of reddish because it came from the north and was used as ballast for the mining ships. It was then dumped on the beach where their cargo was loaded. The sand is also blacker and smoother than on Seaham Beach. It is well worth the visit if you can make the climb down. It is not recommended for anyone with trouble walking or balancing, especially after the rain. 

So we enjoyed our stay there, but after five days, decided to try Spain instead. The next blog describes our travels to Spain and the incredible amount of glass we found there!