About Soul Shells

Ingram Family in Grand TurkMy name is Barbara Ingram, and I am the product of a Dutch mother and American father, and grew up in Southeast Asia near the Gulf of Thailand. We spent weekends at an isolated beach and I can remember walking along the water's edge with my mom, looking for shells. Since then, at every beach I have visited, I try to find at least a few unique shells to bring home with me. I remember walking on the beach in Belize once and finding a beautiful empty Queen Conch shell washing up on the beach. It was the most brilliant shade of fuchsia, I couldn't believe it was made in nature. This picture of our family was taken on Christmas day last year while we visited Grand Turk.

Growing up in Thailand and Malaysia, we were exposed to alternative ways of thinking and healing. I have always been sensitive to the earth's energy and vibrations and have been a long-time collector of healing crystals. Several years ago, we took the family on vacation to the Grand Canyon making a stop in Sedona, Arizona. I found some truly amazing and powerful healing crystals and stones there and got to experience the energy vortices. I would highly recommend it, if you have the opportunity.

The idea for Soul Shells was really a family effort. I began to think about all the shells that I have collected from all over the world and the energy of the stones that I own. I frequently wear them together to remove any negative energy around me, and enhance the feel with a semi-precious stone. I am partial to Lapis Lazuli with its properties of protection.

My husband, Bob (ever patient and understanding of my oddities) and my Dutch cousin Fionna (shares my oddities), and I hatched the idea of allowing people to choose stones and shells that call to them to create a one-of-kind, custom-made necklace with them in mind. It is said that "one doesn't choose the stone, it chooses them."  

We now live near Cocoa Beach which is where most of my shells come from. Every now and then, I get over to the Cape Canaveral National Seashore to do some searching. Occasionally, we will also have special edition sales that include seashells from areas we visit. This summer we will be in St. Tropez, on the French Riviera and on the Island of Mallorca. So hopefully I will send back some treasures from those areas.

It thrills me to share with you, the joyful energy in the jewels of the earth and sea. My commitment to you, is that I will always make sure that when I am collecting or making your necklaces, that I am thinking positive thoughts and good intentions for your little treasures. Now peruse, and choose the shell that speaks to your soul.