About Sea Glass

Mallorcan Sea Glass


What is Sea Glass?

Sea Glass is unique in that it has been naturally tumbled by the sea and sand for years. Artificially tumbled glass is not the same thing and should never be referred to as "Sea Glass." Our genuine sea glass has been found by us on the beaches of Florida, Mallorca and the French Riviera. Some of the oldest pieces of glass we have, were found in the water off of the island of Mallorca, Spain. 

How Old is Sea Glass?

The age of sea glass is difficult to estimate. It takes approximately 20-50 years to achieve the frosted appearance and the more time the glass spends in the ocean, the more rounded and smooth the edges get. A good rule of thumb is that generally, the thicker the glass and the more rounded the edges, the older it is. Glass products are made much thinner today, than 100 years ago. The oldest pieces in our collection is the "black glass" found off the coast of Spain. These are much thicker than the others and have a slight tinge of olive green when held up to the light. They are absolutely stunning in the sunlight. They are estimated to be from 200-300 years old! 

How Rare Are Some Sea Glass Colors?

Some colors are more rare than others and therefore cost more. See the chart below for the various sea glass colors. 

Sea Glass Color Chart

Rarity Chart

Most Common:
Green, White, Brown

Less Common:
Amber, Honey, Seafoam Green, Lime Green, Emerald

Cobalt, Teal, Citrine, Pink Aqua, Purple, Teal, Opaque White

Extremely Rare:
Orange, Turquoise, Red, Yellow, Aqua, Gray, and Black