Fionna Wearable Art

Fionna Bottema holding a Barn OwlFionna Bottema was born and raised in The Netherlands and comes from a long line of Dutch artists. Her great uncles Tjeerd and Tjerk Bottema both rose to fame through their different styles of painting and drawing. Their paintings and artwork can be seen hanging in the museum in Katwijk, on the southwest coast of The Netherlands. Both Tjeerd and Tjerk Bottema's work is sold on auction sites as well. Her grandfather Johannes Bottema was an amateur watercolor painter and won several European Awards for his paintings. 


Tjeerd and Tjerk Bottema Paintings

Fionna's inherited talents lie in her various works of art all revolving around nature and animals. She is an accomplished photographer and is known for her fascinating up-close photos of insects and flowers. Her photos are sold in galleries and have been printed on everything from cell phone covers to coffee mugs. 

Fionna Bottema taking pictures in a field of flowers  Fionna Bottema photograph art of tulip  Fionna Bottema photograph with flowers and butterfly

She has made a business of selling hand-crafted polymer clay animals, including a line that was created to look like ivory with delicate striations and color variations. They make a unique addition to her jewelry, and are unlike anything we've ever seen. 

Polymer Clay Polar Bear Head Necklace  Polymer Clay Raven Head Tribal Necklace

Adding hand-collected sea glass and sea shells from England, Spain and France, make her jewelry the perfect addition to our ocean-oriented collections. 

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