Mermaid Tail Rings with Sea Glass

Mermaid Tail Rings with Sea Glass



Tiny sea glass pieces for Mermaid Tail Rings

Sterling Silver Mermaid Tail Rings


These adjustable, sterling silver wrap-around Mermaid Tail rings come with a variety of sea glass collected from around the world. We have a range of sea glass colors from deep ruby red, to pale blue, and pink. 

The hardest thing about making these rings is finding the exact size and shape of sea glass to fit inside. We never cut or grind the sea glass to fit. We sift through hundreds of small pieces within our hand-collected sea glass collection to find the perfect color, size and shape. Then we hand fit each stone making sure the tines are snug and your stone will stay put. There are limited supplies of each color, especially if it's a unique color...there may only be one. So if you see a color you like, go ahead and snap it up, because tomorrow it may be gone!

The rings come in either a 6mm stone size or an 8mm stone size, so check the size before you purchase. Not all colors come in both sizes. 

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Mermaid Tail Ring with Sea Glass  Coconut drink with mermaid tail ring